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Yes that's right 2 VILLAINS! Which makes a total of 3 foes to go up against Superman & Batman. This list is complete with not only the 2 other villains but a fan cast of who should play them and how they'd fit into the story of MOS2 a.k.a Batman vs. Superman a.k.a Justice League a.k.a "We'll find out at SDCC '14". Without further ado, let's get started!

What we already know:

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor:

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg
Why he'll be great:

The most head-scratching casting choice of this movie, in my honest opinion. But...IT MAKES SENSE! Eisenberg is an Oscar nominated actor with way more range than he's given credit for. I'm glad we didn't revisit the 50+ year old Luthor with the imposing figure because *Newsflash* THERE ARE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF LEX LUTHOR IN THE COMICS!

For Snyder & Co. to go this route is genius and it's a fresh new take on the character and Eisenberg, not only a smart guy outside of acting, but has played a billionaire before in 2010's The Social Network. If a Lex Luthor existed in today's world...what would he be imagined as...Yeah that's what I thought. Just take a look at what Arrow's Colin Salmon has to say:

Well said Colin. Well said.

How the character would fit in MOS2:

It's was obvious ever since the release of Man of Steel, that a Lex Luthor was in the near future and there was no denying that. 'LexCorp' was teased a few times in the film so it was almost a shoe-in to see Superman's arch-enemy in the sequel.

How Luthor would fit into the film's story line is heavily debated but I think (for just this movie) he plays the facilitator, he's behind everything that goes on and doesn't show his true potential until future movies. He is obviously aware that there is a "alien" among us and wants to keep the citizens of Metropolis at peace and to let them know that Luthor is their true leader and promises to put an end to Superman. There would also be a business rivalry with Wayne Enterprises. (Imagine a scene between Eisenberg and Affleck...INSANE!)

2nd Villain: John Corben/Metallo

How the character would fit in MOS2:

Another villain that's heavily expected to appear in the next film, Metallo, is a fan-favorite when it comes to speculating villains to go up against Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman in 2016. The Kryptonite-powered being is a dual-perfect combo for introducing Kryptonite into this MOS world and to give Lex Luthor (and the 3rd villain) a vital part in this movie. This would also be a chance to bring Superman and Batman together to team-up with each other against Metallo.

Fan casting Metallo is tough because his character resembles so many different types of actors that it's hard to choose. I narrowed it down to a few. Whoever they end up casting (given Metallo is in the movie) will make it clearer on what direction they're taking the character: dn,H

Benedict Cumberbatch, Charlie Hunnam
Benedict Cumberbatch, Charlie Hunnam

I'm perfectly content with either of these two in the role for I know we'll get two completely different Metallo's with each. This role needs to be cast carefully in order to complement Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.

3rd Villain: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

How he'd fit in MOS2:

I've made up my mind. I want this to be a Superman/Batman dual movie. It not only continues the development of Superman and continues the story of our Man of Steel, but it also reboots Batman into this new, Justice League universe. We have to share the love here. Deathstroke is mainly a Batman villain although he has went up against other heroes and the Justice League as a whole.

Deathstroke can be hired as a mercenary by Luthor in order to keep Batman out of his hair while he experiments with Kryptonite. KEEP IN MIND, Deathstroke and Batfleck have already met and had altercations in the past (Batfleck standalone in the future, think prequel story, events leading up to MOS2) that way, it makes it seem like it's a running story in which the viewer could tell that he has more to do with this movie that will be explained in solo Batman films. He acts as a component to keep Batman occupied while Superman fights Metallo while Luthor sits and watches from a distance until he has to break out the power suit.

Imagine the scene in Arkham Origins where Batman and Deathstroke fight in the snow and tell me this wouldn't work perfectly in this story (skip to 1:57):

This would be a great 3rd act in which Superman is battling Metallo and Luthor while WW helps and Batman can handle Deathstroke in a back & forth epic battle that switches between fights. Idk that's just me though.

Who should play Deathstroke?

Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang

I'll always stand by the choice of Stephen Lang as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. He fits the character absolutely perfectlyt and there's not much else to be said. If they go with someone else I'll be pissed but hey, can't get every fancast right.

That's all for this article! I think Metallo & Deathstroke are the PERFECT villains to join Luthor in MOS2 just off the fact that it applies to both heroes (excluding WW) and both villains have a REAL reason to be here. You can kill off Metallo in MOS2 but Deathstroke lives for solo Batfleck films. Luthor lives also for future Man of Steel movies and perhaps a Justice League film. Just the thought of it sounds like cinematic GOLD!

Let me know in the comments if I'm absolutely insane about this prediction/fantasy or if I have a point.

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