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This is my list of Top 5 Actresses that are available and meet all the Physical Requirements for playing Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spiderman 3. Most of these Women don't have Red Hair and I don't think any of them have Green Eyes. However, that is why Wigs and Colored Contacts were made. I am listing each Woman's Nationality, Height, Measurements (because it gets people hot so they pay more attention to my writing), and years of Movie, modeling, Martial Arts, and/or singing Experience in order to help you as the reader hopefully come to a similar conclusion.

To get started here are Mary Jane's Measurements and her Occupations according to her Wiki page: Mary Jane Watson has Red Hair and Green Eyes, She is 5' 8" Tall and weighs about 120 lbs. She works as an Actress and Model and has switched personalities with Red Sonja from the Conan Comic Series on at least two Occasions. Therefore, The actresses I picked for the role in Amazing Spiderman 3 all are between 5' 7" and 5' 10" tall, weigh 115 - 135 pounds and are also Singers, Models, or Martial Artists as well. Here are my choices in order from closest to Mary Jane in the Comics to least like her:

Madeline Zima (34C 25 33)

Madeline is 5' 8" tall and weighs 120 lbs just as MJ does. She is from the U.S. and has been acting for 21 years, over twice as long as the other actresses on my list. Put a red wig and some green contacts on her and you have MJ as her creator envisioned her. She has done Comedy as well as Drama, so she is well enough rounded to make Mary Jane both tough and vulnerable at the same time. She is also a singer. Madeline is known for the TV Show Californication as well as for the Movie A Cinderella Story.

Helena Mattsson (34C 26 35)

She is from Sweden Originally and stands 5' 7" tall & 117 lbs. and has been acting for 10 years. She is a Model, Dancer, and Martial Artist as well as an Actress. Helena is known for the Nikita TV series as well as the movie Seven Psychopaths.

Haley Bennett (34B 25 36)

Haley is originally from the U.S. and she stands 5' 9" tall & 115 lbs. Even though she has only been acting for 6 years, the least amount of time of everyone on my list, she is good enough at her craft to have four movies in post-production as of this writing. She is also a Singer as well as an actress. Haley is known for the movies: "Music and Lyrics" (in which she sang her own songs) and Marley & Me.

Deborah (Debbie) Ann Woll (36D 24 34)

Debbie is an American actress. She stands at 5' 10" tall and 135 lbs. She has been acting for 7 years and is also a singer. Debbie is known for the TV show True Blood as well as for the Movie Mother's Day. Since she already has the red hair all the makeup people would need is a pair of Green Contacts to have their Mary Jane.

Irina Shayk (34B 23 35)

Irina originally comes from Russia and stands at 5' 10" tall and 119 lbs. She has been acting for 7 years as well as Debbie Woll listed above. Although Irina has been in the TV series Vespre a la 2 and the movie Hercules that came out earlier this year, she is known more for her other career as a Model. She has been in seven Sports Illustrated TV and Movies Specials as well as being a Presenter at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011.

There you have them folks, my top 5 actresses that could play Mary Jane Watson in ASM3 and their qualifications, acting experience, physical characteristics, and other talents that I feel make them qualified for the role depending on which Story arcs the writers decide to use for the movie. So, do any of these actresses fit into your idea of what MJ is supposed to look like & how she is supposed to act? If not, do you have different Actresses in mind that are available to start filming if called upon for the role? As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on facebook at the entertainment writer.


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