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One thing I truly love about being a writer for Moviepilot is, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and are able to share those opinions with our friends, and readers. I sometimes sit and think about things to write. One thing that always comes to mind is movies that I never cared to go to the theater and see, that ended up becoming movies that I love.


'Tron: Legacy'

There are sooo many that I could name, but these are a few. Some are older, and some are newer. I would hope that everyone has seen them all by now, but if you have somehow continued to "Sleep" on these. You need to do yourself a favor and definitely check them out.



'Star Trek: Into Darkness'

Lastly and the most recent mistake I made was this movie, 'Enders Game' WOW! This movie appeared and left the theaters. And I completly forgot about it. I recently watched it the other night, and I was so impressed. A really great movie, with a great twist.

'Enders Game'

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Have You Seen Any Of These Movies..? Which Would You Suggest to Readers Who Have Seen None?


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