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Soldato WeathersbyTravis


There was a Doctor Who movie casting…

I have not seen any “Doctor Who” castings. True it is a touchy subject for current whovians but for the fans such as myself who have been fans since before 2005, we understand the soul of the Whoverse. Needless to say this took me to a pretty awesome place when thinking about the possibilities. These actors all could bring something so incredible to the role of the doctor. If there is any show that could possibly take on the 007 run to films, it is Doctor Who without a doubt. So “without further stalling for time” Here are my castings for not only the Doctor but also his companions.

What do you guys think? Who would you cast as the Doctor? Feel free to rip me apart if you have better casting, I love Doctor Who, so seeing what you guess would imagine for the big screen is welcomed.


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