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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Idris Elba swooping through Metropolis cancelling the apocalypse.

Sorry for the rather tortured intro, but I've always wanted to use Idris Elba in a Superman reference. Anyway, the former Wire alum and star of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was asked by Vanity Fair which superhero he'd most like to play. His response? Superman. The reason? Because he DJ'd recently decked out in a Superman costume and he looked cool as f--k.

Check it out:

Idirs Elba DJ-ing as Superman
Idirs Elba DJ-ing as Superman

So is there any chance of seeing an Elba Man of Steel? Well no.

Henry Cavill is the current incumbent of the cape and tights so Elba would have to wait a while before the role became available again. And there's the small issue of the fanboy reaction going so nuclear that it would probably melt the internet in a massive rage spasm.

Finally, Elba was most definitely not being serious in the interview.

Still, he does look seriously cool in the suit.

(Source Vanity Fair)


Would Idris Elba be a super Superman?


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