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Could The Walking Dead be about to crossover with its video game counterpart?

During last Sunday's episode, 'Inmates', Tyreese learned there was the possibility the group could find sanctuary at a place called Terminus, and when he checked out location on the map, I noticed something quite interesting.

It seems that Terminus might be located in Macon Georgia, which, for anybody who's played Telltale's epic Walking Dead video game will know, is a really important location. The city is the home of the game's protagonist, Lee Everett, and saw some brutal zombie-killing action in and around his parents drugstore. It's also here that Lee crosses paths with Glenn before he took off to Atlanta.

Image courtesy of ComicBook
Image courtesy of ComicBook

Earlier in the season Michonne was near Macon when she was on the hunt for the Governor and The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, has said that that the "door is always open" for a crossover. With showrunner Scott Gimple also being a huge fan of the episodic graphic adventure, we might be seeing more nods and winks to the video game in the coming weeks.

In a Moviepilot first, we're going to live blog during next week's episode of The Walking Dead. They'll be mayhem, bloodshed and tears (and that's just in the MP office), so come and join us for loads of undead chat, reaction and fallout. In the meantime, hit me up on Twitter if you want to discuss all things TWD.


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