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IronMan Abilities

Power generator: The node not only provides power to run the Iron Man, can also generate bursts of energy at will, though possibly weaker and less focused than those produced by the Uni- Beam.

Psi- Shields: Due to the new coat treatments, Stark's mind is safe from even the strongest telepaths.

Armor: It's made of a titanium and gold alloy which is very durable .

Extremis: A powerful substance that allows him to acquire superhuman powers. Now the reaction rate him with his suit is 10 times faster than before. He pops inside her body suit and magnetically accedes to the armor. It is capable of acting as his armor , connecting with satellites and other devices at your disposal.

Batman Abilities

Great intelligence: He has a genius level intellect and is among the smartest of DC Comics, this option also helps you create an endless artifacts.

Detective skills: He is being the best in the world when it comes to the detective skills.

Martial arts master: He is the best melee fighter, even though he is very agile.

Expert Escapist.

High-tech equipment: Either bought and modified or invented by himself, since being a billionaire, technology is the most advanced on the planet in the universe of DC.

Trained Hacker: One could almost ensure that he is the world's best in handling computers in the universe of DC.

Master tactician and strategist with excellent observational skills.

Photographic Memory.

Expert marksman.

Personal opinion:

I think Ironman would win because even though ha has less abilities he does have probably more knowledge on technology and weapons and he acquired extremis and if necessary he will kill.

Leave your opinion on who would win and why. Who would you like to have in the next hero battle?


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