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This is not going to be a bandwagon post about how the Green Lantern (2011) movie was terrible. This will by my opinion on what we need in the next one. One word... Sinestro!

For those of you who don't know who Sinestro is, he is an alien who used to be a Green Lantern, but is now a super-villain who uses the opposite power of a Green Lantern's will: fear. The movie actually did an okay job depicting him, except for his turn to villainy. He was one of the best G.L.'s in the Corps, until Hal Jordan joined. He trained Hal and mentored him, but after Sinestro demonstrated a capacity for fear, the Guardians (leaders of the G.L. Corps) banished him. In his exile, he created a yellow fear ring to enable himself with power enough to take his revenge.

Although they kind of screwed up the origin story of what could be Hal Jordan's greatest enemy, I'd really like Mark Strong to return as Sinestro. Unfortunately, that would entail them starting from where they left off in the post-credits scene, with Sinestro stealing a yellow ring that the Guardians created, instead of correctly depicting his back-story.

By the end of Green Lantern (2011), after the initial disappointment, all I wanted was to see more Sinestro. Hell, I'd even like Ryan Reynolds to return as Hal Jordan. In my opinion, he perfectly represented Jordan, but the movie just wasn't well done.

What do you think? Do you want Sinestro? Or do you think the whole Green Lantern 2 movie should be scrapped until after Justice League? Share your thoughts.


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