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The Vision is an interesting choice for The Avengers to add to their movie's roster. Most people are pretty confused when it comes to Marvel characters and their comic book history, so I'm going to save you guys the trouble of hours of research, and I'll explain all the basic details you need to know about the guy while also explaining why he is such an important addition to the film's cast.

1) Artificial Life Controversy

The Vision
The Vision

The Vision is an android, formed from human brain patterns and technology by Ultron in order to try and destroy the Avengers. Among the scientific realm, there is a rather large debate over whether artificial intelligence is possible, or even moral to attempt. Some argue that the human brain's emotions is just a complex coding of chemical releases which we might eventually be able to replicate in robots. Others argue that there would never be a way to create a system that complex. We may get a split reaction from the Avengers over this argument, as to whether or not The Vision is capable of real emotion or to think for himself.

The actor playing The Vision is Paul Bettany, who also does the voice of Tony Stark's Siri-like voice command known as J.A.R.V.I.S. Considering Tony Stark will most likely be accredited for the creation of The Vision's voice system, this could possibly lead Iron Man to believe the Vision is just highly advanced coding, rather than a living, thinking android.

2) His Key Role in the Introduction of Ultron

The Vision's creation is one of the defining events of the super-villain Ultron. Ultron works similar to the way Galactus does on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Both Ultron and Galactus have messengers that they use to do all their dirty work: Galactus has the Silver Surfer and Ultron has The Vision. Ironically, both Silver Surfer and The Vision end up betraying their masters and becoming some of the coolest superheroes in the Marvel Comics.

3) The Power of Romance in Action Films

So you now know The Vision starts out, but ends up joining the good side once he no longer has a jarred vision of reality. See what I did there? Jarred Vision? JARVISion? That wasn't funny..? Oh, okay then, be that way. The Vision's turning point may have been that he finally saw what was good and what wasn't, or it might have been his love interest: Scarlet Witch who was confirmed last year to be featuring in the movie as well. Whether you like it or not, everyone fights for love, even if it's between a girl and a robot. Has anyone noticed all the fan hype over Black Widow and Hawkeye?

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's characters are sure to bring in some romantic struggle and crazy fan obsessions. Both of them are outcasts from society, they both used to be villains: you just have to love them.

4) The Vision's Abundance of Storyline Plot Twists

This guy is practically the epitome of a movie writer's ideal character because he has so many plot twists. Shall we go over them again?

  • He starts off as Tony Stark's voice program we all know and love until he inhabits a robot body that can think for itself.
  • Ultron commands him to destroy the Avengers because they pose a threat to his world domination plan.
  • He ends up falling in love with the enemy and realizing the Avengers were the ones who accidentally created Ultron and therefore him as well.
  • Some of the Avengers don't even think he can really think for himself
  • He helps destroy his maker with the help of his maker's.. maker.

To put it simply, it would be extremely unwise not to have him in the film. He just has too many connections to too many important characters not to.


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