ByDawn Lodrigue, writer at
Dawn Lodrigue

Ok I am pushing a dangerous button, and it is a cocky move, but we officially have a Rob Pattinson replacement in the film world. Meet Theo James, who, if we are lucky ladies and gents, we will see a whole lot of in the film and television industry. He has has roles in movies such as Underworld: Awakening and a small stint on the quickly dropped TV series Golden Boy, but he is now the male lead in the highly anticipated book to movie franchise Divergent, also starring Shailene Woodley. Its about time another Brit man has taken the place of the sparkling immortal man Pattinson imprinted our minds with.

I don't do the fan girl thing, but yea I do have typical female hormones. They surge at the sight of Theo James in tight shirts. Also, I like men who kick butt. I am tired of lead men coming across as overly sensitive and crying and lacking a six pack. That is why when Divergent hits next month, I will be there opening night, to watch a muscular James throwing knives and punches and toting a gun. Did I mention in this movie he has a tattoo covering his entire back? Damn...just damn...

Thank you, Theo James, for bringing masculinity back to franchise movies. We are tired of men we question if we can beat up ourselves. We have been waiting for a bad ass lead male. We have been waiting for Theo James.


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