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So we all know that Marvel Studios is barreling straight towards the Infinity Gauntlet event, one of the largest and most catastrophic in Marvel history. Seeing as the next Avengers movie is focusing mainly on Ultron, I'm holding my breath for the big battle to take place in Avengers 3. That leaves a handful of movies for Thanos to acquire the remaining Infinity Gems. Here are a few people that you are going to want to watch out for in the coming movies. Warning: There may be a few spoilers.

5. This Disgusting Looking Thing
The butterfly has to come out of the cocoon soon.
The butterfly has to come out of the cocoon soon.

For reasons most of you cannot begin to comprehend, and those who do need no explanation.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

It's confirmed that yet another Infinity Gem will be in play in GotG, and I have narrowed the options down to either the Reality Gem or the Time Gem, two incredibly powerful gems. The Collector will also be in GotG, and he possesses the gem that he received in the last Thor movie. So a quick sum-up: two Infinity Gems, same movie, and oh yeah, did I mention Thanos himself is going to be in the movie? The Guardians will definitely have an impact on the direction that the main plot is headed in.

3. The Collector
Yes, he is really that evil.
Yes, he is really that evil.

In case you haven't read my article about good ole' Taneleer Tivan, let me break it down for you. He is one of the oldest beings in the universe, he is immortal, and since Thor: The Dark World, he is in control of the Power Gem and an abundance of knowledge he shouldn't have.

In the comics, The Collector trades the Reality Gem to Thanos in exchange for one of the last of his race, claiming that the gem was worthless. Well, two things have changed. Instead of the Reality Gem, he has the Power Gem, and instead of passing the gem off as worthless, he has his eyes set on the other five.

Either The Collector is working for Thanos, or he is trying to collect the Gems for himself. Either way, The Collector is dangerous, and should definitely be kept under observation.

2. Tony Stark

It's a very popular and probable theory that due to the absence of Hank Pym, Tony Stark will be the one to construct Ultron, and it is believed the technology of Loki's scepter (Mind Gem anyone?) will be instrumental in such construction efforts. There has to be more to the movie than Ultron going rouge.

Thanos first reared his purple mug in the first Avengers movie, and I am pretty sure everything Thanos-related will culminate in the third movie since that is the last that Robert Downey Jr. is booked for. When they end Phase 2, it is doubtless that a major stepping stone will be taken in Thanos' direction, and I have reason to believe Tony will take that step. Banner might be tied in as well, but seeing as Stark did away with his arsenal of suits, you know he is going to find some other building hobby, and what better hobby than to experiment with untested alien weaponry that an Asgardian god used to ravage the largest city in the United States? What could possibly go wrong?

1. Loki

I know you probably expected to see Thanos' name here, but his rise to power simply wouldn't be possible without the help of the Asgardian trickster.

My reasoning originates in The Avengers. Loki can shape-shift. Loki can make a thousand fake copies of himself. Loki has the rare gift of expert planning, so why oh why did he simply give up at the end of The Avengers? After Hulk flung him around a bit in Stark Tower he was still very conscious. So why exactly did he just sit back and do nothing as The Avengers laid waste to his entire army?

I'll tell you why. It was planned.

Loki knew he needed to fly into Midgard (Earth for all you who aren't familiar with Norse mythology) and blow up a bunch of stuff in order to get Thor to take him back as prisoner. All he had to do from there was find an opportunity to fake his own death in order to carry out the rest of his plan. I'm fairly certain that he did not kill Odin, but rather imprisoned him. You all saw the big ceremony when Thor's mom died, so why would they just kill his dad off-screen? Now that Odin is out of the picture, Loki is where he always wanted to be: atop Asgard's throne.

Loki being king of Asgard is the least of my worries. He now possesses not only the Tesseract (the Space Gem for those of you who do not yet know), but the Infinity Gauntlet as well. It is common knowledge that Loki was working for Thanos in The Avengers, or at least was working for a guy that was working for Thanos, so he has to know the import of possessing one of the Gems.


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