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DC Universe fans, and even just plain comic book fans are on the edge of their seats when it comes to the future of the Batman/Superman franchise, but are we underestimating the huge success of all of the other DC ties?

DC has had quite the tough run for a long time now with a few knock-out punches along the way. Richard Donner's "Superman" was great success in 1978 as Christopher Reeve gave us his stellar performance as the Man of Steel opposite of the Gene Hackman as the cunning and down right comical Lex Luther. Tim Burton's "Batman" hit a home run in 1989 with the true dynamic duo of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. However some of their future installments weren't quite as glamorous. Such as the full on laughable 1983 "Superman 3" with Richard Pryor, or the down right pitiful 1997 "Batman and Robin" with that one guy from "Terminator" and that other guy from "Gravity". The 20th century was certainly the hit or miss century when it came to Superhero films. The 21st century however might look up for comics if we're lucky. Can we avoid the duds though?

First we look at the competition for DC, which who else could that be besides the completely dominating Marvel franchise. With the huge lineup of Captain America and the Avengers along with Spider Man and X-Men in their corner how can DC really compete? They showed us that they were up to the challenge with The Dark Knight trilogy, but what else can we bring into this equation? Smallville was definitely a new take on an old tale. Lois and Clark gave us another reason to hate Dean Cain. I don't think we can even remember the incredibly short lived Wonder Woman series. Then we have Arrow. I don't know about anyone else but I love this take on Oliver Queen a.k.a. The Green Arrow. This could be a dark horse to the DC Universe. We can't tell with it being only 2 seasons in but so far so good. Then we have the Green Lantern. Many people were very disappointed in this movie but there was just something about it that kept my attention throughout the story. Maybe it was Ryan Reynolds witty and sarcastic take on Hal Jordon, or maybe it was just Michael Clark Duncan beating the hell out of Ryan Reynolds. Finally we have Man of Steel, this movie was half and half with fans. I believe it was a great way to get people in touch with the real Kal-El, Zack Snyder gave us an incredible adaption of the hero with an even more emotional view. DC in my opinion are going in the right direction but they need to build some momentum.

Batman Vs. Superman, this could be the breakthrough to the Justice League or a first class trip to the comic book cemetery. With Ben Affleck in as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther, Cavill most likely returning for Superman, I think we could possibly see a great film. I believe we need to see some new but familiar faces however. I say we bring in The Green Lantern (John Stewart) version possibly played by Michael Jai White or Djimon Hounsou, then we get the Flash going maybe we can see Chris Pine or Armie Hammer. Then we bring the Martian Manhunter in and really spice things up. These are all things we could be in store for but lets see if Batman vs Superman can give us the start we need.


Do you think Batman vs Superman is going to be the momentum that DC needs?


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