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In this brave new age of comic movies, we, as fans, have found ourselves inundated with a deluge of movie rumors about the characters and stories we know and love. Where once we crowded into theaters and jumped with surprise and delight at the wonders that awaited us, we now struggle to even get excited about the comic properties we have waited so long to see on the big screen. And why, you may ask? Because of the constant prattle of movie news that assails us in this internet age. Where once they were satisfied with a few random announcements about casting or story-lining, the movie companies themselves seem to have to constantly and ALMOST daily release pictures or news about the movies just to stay out front in the race to seize what few bucks you have left to spend on the endeavor.

And, when they aren't parading the cast out at COMICON or releasing the latest trailer snipet, they're having to defend themselves from the absolute insurmountable rumors that overflow from the fan sites and Facebook all over the World Wide Weird! SO, if either from their own creation or the absolute unfathomable imagination of the fan-base, it becomes impossible to escape the unending stream of news, true or hoax.

How else would you explain the outrage that began with the posting of this picture as a 'leaked' shot of the actual costume Michael Bay's Turtles were going to be seen in. I hope that most of you took one look at this picture and laughed it off as the hoax it was. Unfortunately, judging by the nerd-rage that was taking place on the net, more of you fell for it that would care to admit. And didn't you feel stupid when the pictures of the actual character designs were released?

My point in all of this? Nerd news sites all over the internet, as well as, the movie companies themselves seem to think you, the consumer/fan-boy, will believe anything they shove at you just to keep you ranting on Facebook pages and their own sites for a week or so about absolutely nothing. BUT, it does keep us thinking about their movie project or clicking their site links which is exactly what they want us to be doing. But, is it the right approach? I mean, We cried about Affleck for a month or so and he might not even work out according to some sources or maybe he was a boondoggle to begin with. I don't know. I mean, they were talking Brolin in the RUMORMILL a week or so ago. What's funny is that in the heading all they talked about was Brolin. But, IF you read the article, you would find the name Michael Keaton was being batted around too.

Bottom line, it's very confusing world us fan-boys have woke up in. So, here a few rules of nerd news engagement:

1) Check your sources

DUH! You would check your sources and cross check it if it had to do with something political or national going on, wouldn't you? (I hope you would) Don't just go off immediately into a rant (guilty). Check it out. And don't only check your sources, stick to the sources you can rely on. Screenrant, Geeks of, have become some of my favorite places to get news. Well, mostly the first two, but hey..shameless plug.

2) Call a spade a spade

Realize when you're reading a release from the company making the film, a supposed leak and just pure speculation. The devil's in the details people. And some people will do anything for a little attention to their site.

3) Pick your Battles

Is it something big like changing Johnny Storms race and not his sisters? OR is it one minor character that will just get a quick look and will have no real bearing on the film? I present exhibit A; QUICKSILVER from the EMPIRE X-Men covers. Sure he looks a bit aweful, but he's only going to be showing up for bit part. And he'll be cooler in Avengers: Age of Ultron anyway.

SO, back to the original question. Can a fan-boy or girl cut a break and not get a movie absolutely ruined for them by the constant release of pictures and information from the company? And, if they survive that, will they become jaded by the very sites that claim to represent nerdome everwhere and YET spout any rumor like gospel just to get clicks? What do you think?


Has the comic movie rumor mill ruined comic movies?


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