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K. Lee Adams

Hello friends, awhile back I published an article on this site titled "What Is Your Horror Preference?" and I want to say thank you to all of you guys and gals who read and responded to it with your various answers.

The point of that article was to find out what horror sub-genre you personally preferred, from slashers to vampires to ghosts and demons and so on and so forth. Your favorite sub-genre of horror might not necessarily be the one you find the most frightening.

I want to know this: what type of horror film content genuinely scares you?

Are you terrified by home invasion, the idea of an intruder menacing you in your own abode? Do you fear the idea of running into a deranged serial killer in some creepy place you should never have gone? Ghosts, perhaps?

For me, all these things are terrifying but as far as movies go nothing gets me like the supernatural. At least with a flesh and blood villain you'd have a chance to fight back and possibly survive but facing off with some kind of spirit? HELL NO! Unlike the characters in most haunted house movies I'd flee the particular location at the first sign of "paranormal activity", (unless of course whatever entity plaguing me had the ability to move around from place to place, in which case I'd be screwed!).

I also suffer from extreme arachnophobia. Spiders scare me to death and I truly wish they didn't exist. Little eight legged bastards.

So considering these two things, films that really work for me as far as genuinely scaring me would be The Exorcist (eternally terrifying in my opinion), Insidious (by now the fear has worn off, but the first few viewings had me turning all the lights in my house on), and the appropriately titled Jeff Daniel's movie "Arachnophobia".

Anyway, I'm very interested in the things that truly scare people because we all have different fears and react to different things in different ways. And of course I love to hear the thoughts and opinions of you very open and polite horror fans so please tell me, WHAT TRULY SCARES YOU?


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