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Ian M. Simpson

I can't possibly explain how happy this trailer makes me, so here, watch it for yourself.

Now that you've seen it, watch it again. If you did, watch it again. Only then will you catch the sheer magnificence of what will doubtlessly be known as the greatest film of the year (cue Neil Diamond song from trailer).

Now that we've acknowledged how awesome it is, let us get down to the analytical part. The trailer mainly focuses on humor, with Starlord giving the finger and shows his rage upon seeing somebody else was wearing his headphones. However, at the beginning of the trailer, Starlord is attempting to steal something, only to be stopped by, Djimon Hounsou's, Korath the Pursuer. Could the mysterious orb contain one of the Infinity Gems? We can only hope so.

Dr. Who fans also get a treat with Karen Gillan's brief glimpse at Nebula.

Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely going to be the highlight of the year's Marvel films, both in action, humor, and overall storyline. There. You've finished the article. Now you can go back and watch the trailer again.


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