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As such our time with Hank Moody is drawing to an end. Sadly, yes, we're going to have to learn to live without much more of our favorite and much beloved semi-functional man-child and hedonist. But don't despair I have faith that star David Duchovny and company can make it work one more time.

Now, I believe that Hank(Duchovny) and Karen (Natascha McElhone), will not end up together. I am sorry for those who may feel otherwise. It is easy to write something with fluff and make it all come out nice but the real world doesn't work that way. And while this may be a work of fiction it has always tried to stay grounded.

Just look at our beloved cue balled depraved simian, Moody's words, haha. He is as real as it can come to sleazy Hollywood types who use their position to get what they want and will do "whatever" it takes. Nevertheless, one thing is certain Karen and Hank will give one more hurrah I am sure and I hope the Runkles stay together. They are so corny but cute. And I would like to see some more of Atticus Fetch, that guy maybe three cans short of six pack and possess an endearing albeit twisted sense of humor but he is awesome in that regard.

In closing, I heard a rumor that Mr. Duchovny has invited some rock star guests to star in some of the 7th season episodes. And this means that Hank Moody has yet to fill his already smoked up lungs. Who might these mystery guests be? None other than Aussie Musical Comedian, Tim Minchin, as well as a return of Marilyn Manson. Also don't forget, the Sex Pistols. One bit of bad news if you're not a Twilight fan then don't read this. I am not but it's in the news. Twilight and Taken Star, Maggie Grace, will also appear.


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