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Last week's episode of The Walking Dead, 'Inamates', saw the arrival of three new recruits in the form of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. These guys are iconic characters in the comic book source material and are going to have a hugely important role to play for the rest of the season.

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Michael Cudlitz, who plays the trio's leader, Abraham, has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about just how similar the characters on the show will be to their comic book counterparts:

A lot of things happen in the comic that affect how he operates and how he moves through this world and the decisions he makes. A lot of that is ripped directly from the comics, as well as the whole chunk of time where the comic left off and where we meet them now. There are some elements that they've introduced that will make Abraham’s back story that much more tragic.
All three of those characters are going to seem extremely familiar to those who know the comics. They’re almost exact up to the point where we meet them. Where they go from here, we’ll all learn that together.
Eugene, Abraham and Rosita
Eugene, Abraham and Rosita

I've already discussed in detail the importance of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are going to have to the show, but without giving too many spoilers away, their mission involves heading to Washington DC in search of the answer to the zombie apocalypse.

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Key to the mission's success is Eugene, a mulleted braniac who might not be as honest as he seems.

Said Cudlitz:

Eugene is the package -- he's the mission and he has to be protected. I've trained them all to whatever ability they have to be trained to. And Abraham is in a romantic, sexual relationship with Rosita; she's his partner -- Eugene, not so much!

Abraham served as Rick's #2 and 'can do' man in the comics and Cudlitz admitted that the character is not scared about doing what it takes to get the job done:

He’s not necessarily someone who is going to be the king — or someone you’d even want to be the king — he’s the guy you’d want as your first, the guy leading a section of a larger plan. Ultimately, he’s good for [Rick's] group because there are a lot of reluctant leaders and people doing what they have to do. Abraham is a leader by nature; he’s not reluctant about it.

With Rick, Daryl, Tyreese and now Abraham all very much the alpha male type, there's going to be more than enough tension and testosterone to go around in the coming episodes.

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