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Robert Kirkman is making a move into the world of movies and he's bringing Daryl Dixon with him.

The Walking Dead creator is on board to produce Air for Sony Pictures, and has cast Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou as the two leads.

Air is a sci-fi thriller "set in an underground cryogenic facility after a nuclear fallout renders the atmosphere unbreathable." The movie centers on its two custodial workers (Reedus, Hounsou), "who take care of the cryogenically sleeping personnel that are to re-establish society, but they struggle to preserve their own sanity and lives while maintaining the extremely fragile environment of the last livable place on earth."

The low-budget flick has been written by Red Dead Redemption scribe Christian Cantamessa and will be directed by Chris Pasetto.

Reedus has become a huge draw since winning hearts and minds as sweet-natured redneck Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, so he's sure to bring his legion of fans with him. Air will also mark Kirkman's first foray into feature films and I'm really intrigued to see if he can make the transition to the big screen.

(Source THR)

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Air sounds....


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