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I love horror. I never used to, but I am loving it more and more since I was introduced to it by a good friend. Now, I can't get enough of it. When I rent, my usual stock usually consist of about fifty percent in this genre. So, it made me think of what I would love to see get a chance at being rebooted and made over. Now, I am sure that there will be a lot of people that are probably going to disagree with me like usual (* since I do keep up on my notifications, all of you lovely people), but as I do every time, I'm open myself to these debates. What can I say? I love a good conversation when I get it going and I don't stop until I reach the tag line, like with any good book.

I have been doing a lot of research, mulling over what I had seen, and so forth. I wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything that may have stuck out. The list is liable to be a little small, but as always, I always like to leave a little extra wiggle room for other people's thoughts on particular subjects:

1) 'The Last man On Earth'

This 1964 classic horror to me could very well be updated and turned into another classic now. While it does not completely focus on the story of a scientist who becomes an unwilling vampire hunter after a virus turns everyone into them, it to me was a movie that not only had horror from that side, it also had horror of another kind. That horror was the horror of being alone!

Throughout the film, Price's character talks about what it feels like to actually be the only normal person left on Earth who isn't trying to feed or destroy him, told in flashbacks and in real time on how he had lost his wife and child to the malevolent disease and had been working steadfast in finding a cure.

This to me was one of Price's best (* along with his role in 'House Of Wax' and so many others). Maybe the update could help bring forth more of the character to help accent his story with the vampire virus still there, but not as prevalent.

2) Dreamscape (1984)

While this film was classified as a sci-fi thriller by most movie communities, I think that it still has a strong horror edge to it as well considering that it deals with dream experimentation and nightmares. Dennis Quaid playing a psychic trying to save the POTUS from his own nightmares is quite a leap, and the film was considered pretty well done special-effects wise for its time. Now that we have CGI and better costuming and make-up, it could very well find a good home here as a remake in the new century.

3) 'House' (1986)

William Katt in his portrayal of Vietnam War vet and divorced horror novelist Roger Cobb actually did well for this haunted house packed with zombies. It was actually one of my favorite movies when I was younger as it took a different approach to haunted houses by removing the ghost angle and trying something different in the mix. While many consider the film to be extremely cheesy by today's standards, a good redo and overhaul of the script could make the intensity go that much higher.

4) 'The Howling' (*1981)

Considered by some (*but not all) to be one of the greatest werewolf sagas made (* along with several sequels that did not do too well), Dee Wallace Stone and her trademarks screams had found a way onto my list as a terrorized and traumatized television reporter who, after surviving an attack from a serial killer, sends herself to a mountain resort to only find that she has traded one horror for another.

5) 'The Monster Squad' (1987)

Okay, I'll bite. I do not know of any horror movie lover that doesn't like a kid's movie involving the classic monsters that we all know and love. Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon (aka 'The Gill Man' in this film). This was probably one of the first horrors that I was able to watch when I was little (* and I had to sneak to a friend's house to go see it). A group of monster movie-loving twelve year old kids must go against our favorite troop of baddies to save from the world from being ruled by Dracula and his children of the night.

This would be great as a remake, and if they can keep the kid angle and slightly tweak it a little, I think it would definitely be a winner.

6) 'Nightbreed' (1990)

I had only heard of Clive Barker at this point and knew a little about his work. I had only known of the movie from the old way of advertising horror movies like this on the backs of comic books. When I finally saw the movie, all I could say was WOW!

It was the first movie of its kind that didn't follow the tradition movie monsters and went completely different. Not only that, but a city FULL OF THEM? Also something that had not been thought of in a bit. For creativity, it was indeed just that, and Barker had truly written a unique story that I just fell into.

Your thoughts????


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