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Jesse Bjorkander

It is always hard to cast for a Batman movie, mainly because it is one of the comic book superheros and people love it. So if you mess up by casting the wrong person people will let you know. The one thing about casting wrong is that the actors choose to do a very deep voice as the Batman and sometimes it will run it. Now did like Christian Bale as Batman but sometimes I just could not handle the voice he did.

When I found out that Ben Affleck was going to be Batman in the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman. And I immediately started crying. Why they ever chose him is beyond me. I just can't imagine Batman with a Boston accent. So I started thinking of other actors who I feel would be better.

My list starts out with Idris Elba. He has already proven he can do action movies with Pacific Rim, Both Thors, and The Losers. I also feel it s time we have a black Batman.

Jason Statham. This guy only does action movies and he has never done a superhero movie. I feel it is about time he throws his hat in the ring to become the next Batman.

Jeremy Renner. He is another guy who has made a name as a bad ass. He just did one of the Bourne movies and he has played hawkeye, so it wouldn't be a stretch for him to play another superhero.

Karl Urban. He just played Dredd and I think he would be a great fit, because he would have the voice down and also the look.

Thomas Jane. Now I know this sounds like a bad pick but hear me out. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a very rich man who isn't built but can handle him self in fights. He is supposed to be the last person you would expect to be the caped crusader. Plus he played the punisher.


Who do you think would be the best


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