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This is his origin story, (MAY HAVE SOME GRAMMAR ISSUES), hope you guys like it. I will be making it into a short movie soon. (long article)

"Hey Sean, get me another beer." a drunken man demanded.

"Get it yourself you lazy ass piece of shit." Sean replied, he is 17 years old and is a high school dropout, he took to many drugs and drank to much and did a whole bunch of things he shouldn't have. "Excuse me, you do not talk to your father that way. You will show some damn respect." The drunken man yelled at Sean. "Show you respect? Are you fucking serious? Why the hell should I show you respect?" "Because I am your father and the one who gives you this roof over your head." "Hahah, Barely a father, you cant take care of me or Skylar, your always drunk or high off your ass and I you sent mom to prison for 15 years so you could be in charge." "Then why don't you leave? Take her with you why don't you." "Fine, good luck on your own, I hope you die in that chair." Sean didn't say anything else neither did his father. He went and packed everything for Skylar and him and grabbed her and left. They walked to their grandma's house that was only a 5 miles away and in the woods. They got there and knocked on the door. The door opened and an elderly women answered, "Oh what are you 2 doing here without your dad?" "We left grandma, I brought Skylar here to live with you, I brought everything she needs and we can get everything arranged for her to stay here." "Oh, what about you? Where will you go?" "I am going to stay with a friend of mine, I would take Skylar with me but his house is no place for her. I will visit whenever I can but I wont be able to a lot or as much as I would like." He sat down with Skylar on the couch with Skylar and their grandma and discussed everything. After about an hour Sean left and headed to his friends house. He got there and his friend was expecting him. He got settled and they both just drank some beers and played video games until 4 am. They woke up and did all there usual things. It was 3 pm. and Sean had 5 missed called from his grandma, the voicemail said, "Sean you have to get over here, something happened to Skylar, she has a pulse but she isn't waking up." Sean left and headed straight for his grandma's house. He got there but no one was home, he headed to the nearest hospital, he got there and went straight to the helper desk. "Did someone named Carol Pierce or Skylar Pierce check in here recently?" Sean asked quickly to the lady. "Yes, about 4 hours ago, their in room 415 on the 4th floor." The lad told them. Sean left immediately without saying anything else, he ran through the halls and went to the nearest elevator. He got in and pushed buttons impatiently, the door opened and he ran to room 15 and when he opened the door, he looked upon a most saddened sight...

“What happened?” Sean asked his Grandma.

“Know one knows, i found her collapsed on the kitchen floor, she had a small pulse, i called the paramedics and they rushed her here. They have done some scans but haven’t figured out what happened to her.” His Grandma replied. Sean sat down and put his face in hands, he wasn’t going to show emotion, he was going to stay strong and not let anything, not a single tear, take him. “They couldn’t figure out what was wrong?” Sean asked. “No, they don’t know how it happened but it did and now were all fearing the worst.” She replied with tears running down her cheeks. Sean started to think, he had dropped a drug he made in the kitchen when he was packing to leave his dad’s house, he had packed it up quickly and may have mistakenly put it in Skylar’s bag and she must have taken it, considering how strong the drug is, he surprised she isn’t dead. Sean stood up and left the room before his Grandmother could say anything. He left the hospital and went back to his friends house. He went through his stuff and couldn’t find the pills he made. He immediately realised that his sister must have taken his pills by accident and that it would be the reason why she is the hospital. He had gotten someone who lives in China to make some kind of antidote if too much got in someone’s system. He called up the guy and the guy said he could be in Tacoma in 2 days, Sean agreed with hopes that Skylar would make it that far, the guy also said that he had something else for him to try. The 2 days passed very slowly for Sean, the guy arrived just as he said he would. The guy came to his friends house and they talked. “Where is it? I want it now.” Sean demanded. “I have it right here, but i want you to take these pills as well.” They Guy told Sean. “Why? What is it?” Sean asked. “Take these 2 pills to your sister 1st, I’ll be waiting here for when your get back.” The guy told him. “Ok.” Sean agreed. Sean left and went to the hospital, he injected the pills into her and he left. He got back to his friends house and went straight to the guy. “It better work or I will hunt you down and kill you.”Sean yelled. “Do not worry, it will work. But now i need you to take these pills, it will make everything better and you will come to China with me and i will tell you everything else after.” The guy told him. “Wait what, no way in hell am i going to China.” Sean demanded. “Ok, fine, but you need to take these pills, trust me it will help.” The guy said. “Why? Give me the best reason to do it.” Sean asked. “It will heal you, make you stronger, save you from everything you have done wrong so far.” The guy replied. “Fine, give them to me.” Sean demanded. He took the pills and 30 seconds after they went down, he passed out.

Sean woke up, he was in a dimly lit room, surrounded by guys in black, it covered their whole body except for the eyes. Sean stayed laying there, he didn’t know what to do. Cheng appeared, gave a hand signal to the guys and they all stepped away.

“Sean, i brought you here for training. We are a secret organization. We have men and women stations all across the globe, each one has a specific task. Your task will be to take down major drug lords in Tacoma, Seattle, and Gig Harbor. You need to clean the streets, you need to make sure that what happened to Skylar, doesn’t happen to anybody else. You can become more than just a hero, but a savior.” Cheng explained. “What happened to Skylar was my fault, not other drug lords.” Sean told Cheng. “It is their fault. They got you into it all and it all escalated to her being in that hospital bed. You must return the favor and you must give them what they deserve.” Cheng explained. “No i can’t, its not who i am, i do drugs, i get drunk, i rob stores. Is that the kind of guy you want to be doing this?” Sean asked. “If i took a sample of your blood, it would say that no alcohol or drugs were in your system and i do believe you have done some of that recently. The drug i made you take cleaned you and made you stronger, all you need now is training.” Cheng continued to explain. “So… what else is there to know?” Sean asked “I will be your mentor. When you’re in those cities i will be watching from a difference, i will not help you, if you’re about to die then you must find your own way out, it is the only way to become stronger.” Cheng replied. “Well… when do we start the training?” Sean asked. “In the morning, right now you must recover for the next 9 hours from the pills.” Cheng replied. Sean went to bed, he fell right asleep and had a dreamless sleep. Sean woke up, he got out of bed and went to find Cheng. Sean saw Cheng and the rest of the guys practicing, they were doing all these complex moves and doing them really fast. Sean walked over to them, didn’t say anything, but tried to get their attention without disrupting them. He walked around them, some of them noticed him, they kept doing their routine. He kept walking around them, waiting for Cheng to notice him. After about 2 minutes, Cheng finally looked up and saw him. “Sean, you woke up. That means my pills worked. Meet Master Long, he is the creator of The Dragon Corpse. Today is your orientation, you will know what to do, where to go, etc.” Cheng explained. Sean bowed to Master Long, he straightened back up and stood there for a minute before he spoke. “Hello Master.” Sean said. “Greetings Brother Sean. Are you ready to start your training?” Master Long asked. “Yes Master, i am ready.” Sean replied. Over the next couple months, Sean trained 15 hours of the day. He was being being pushed well beyond his limits, he was learning something new every week, and he would master a new technique within a week. Some of the members that were here when he started had left and gone back to where they lived and were completing their own tasks, there have also been new recruits. Each recruit had their own personal trainer and Cheng was Sean’s. Cheng didn't give up and he just kept pushing Sean above and beyond. After 6 months of training, each recruit went back to their hometown, Sean had 1 more day left. Cheng told him everything he needed to know and that once a month you must come back so we can make sure you are not using your powers for evil and that you keep moving forward. Sean returned to Tacoma, he went straight to see his sister and Tacoma General. She was awake, but the doctors still wanted her to stay for another month just to make sure nothing happened. He didn’t tell her or anyone where he was or what he was doing. He is a watchful protector over GH, Tacoma and Seattle, he takes down drugs, but only at the right times. He does everything in the shadows, he is Shadow.

Hope you guys liked it, let me know in the comments.


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