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Star Wars Rebels has just recruited another crew member with the 'explosive artist', Sabine.

This means the young Mandalorian will join the likes of Disney's previously announced characters, the 'cowboy Jedi', Kanan and Ezra, the 'teen con artist', aboard The Ghost. As with the other characters, the creators have released a video showing off the art and personality behind Sabine. Check that out below:

There still seems to be a lot planned before Star Wars Rebels debuts on Disney XD. We've now met three rebel characters and the evil Inquisitor, but we're still not sure how many more protagonists will be introduced.

We do know that Star Wars Rebels has planned a TV movie for summer, which will also be followed by a series of shorts (my guess is each short will follow one of the characters' back stories). Finally, the show will hit our screens at some currently undetermined point this Fall.

What do you think? We've meet quite a few of the characters now, do you think you're going to like Star Wars Rebels? Let us know below.



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