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It is time. We've just launched a new Doctor Who fan page on Moviepilot! The page is the place to post anything related to our favourite Time Lord.

How to make this awesome

Fan art and fan vids

What? You've made artwork or a video about the Doctor? Then Moviepilot is your new happy place! We want to see it!

Episode reviews and exciting news

Any episode that you're just bursting to discuss? Or have you heard some thrilling news about the next series? (tell us, tell us!!)

In depth knowledge

Share insights and facts you know that others may not! Go on, educate our Whovian community.

Top lists

For example: Top 10 baddies, Top 10 moments where David Tennant shouts "Allons-y!"

If you are true Whovian, then you need to get involved!

Here's the link to sign up to post:

Alternatively you can email me at [email protected] (your go to Whovian) and I can help you get set up!

Oh Doctor!
Oh Doctor!

Sign up now!


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