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It's been a long time coming, but word on the street is that the Fantastic Four reboot finally has its cast. It's thanks to the maestro that is The Wrap's Jeff Sneider (via Latino Review)- who managed to secure an exclusive on the hot topic- that we are able to spread the news. Y'all ready for this?:

Kate Mara got the offer to play Sue Storm, Michael B Jordan will play the Human Torch, Jamie Bell is in negotiations to play Ben Grimm aka The Thing, and Miles Tellar is also in negotiations to play Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic.

The guys at Latino Review have admittedly voiced some concerns over the continual change up of its scribes for The Fantastic Four reboot; concerns which are slightly assuaged by Josh Trank's directing skills. Time will tell as to whether these youngsters have the capability to live up to the reputation of the heroic four- how do you think they'll fare?


This cast is

(Source: Latino Review)


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