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Despite the prospect of being able to watch well-groomed, glittery mannequin-people dance around on the ice, it seems most of us would still rather tune in for some undead carnage and scenes of excessive zombie violence.

For the second week in a row The Walking Dead dominated the competition and smashed the ratings of NBC’s Olympics coverage. The zompocalypse drama managed to bring in 13.3 million at 9 PM on Sunday night, but more importantly smashed the key 18-49 demographic, bringing in 8.7 million viewers.

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The Walking Dead has been on golden rating run of late. The Season 4 premiere in October broke ratings records when it brought in 16.1 million viewers - 10.4 million of which were in the key 18-49 demo.

However, despite The Walking Dead's amazing ratings results, I can't help but think NBC's Olympic coverage has suffered due to the network's decision to not show the sporting action live. Who really wants to watch the Skeleton eight hours after the event took place and the results already known? Sport should be enjoyed live, not as a recorded event.

Anyway, mini-rant over. Congratulations to The Walking Dead. May it continue to be awesome for a long time to come.

(Source Deadline)

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