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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has no shortage of movie villains to tease us with, but the marketing team at Sony has seen fit to make us wait on seeing the villain who will be tying everything together: The Green Goblin.

Until now, the only images we've been able to see of this new iteration of Spider-Man's arch-enemy has been a toy and some blurry trailer images. Fortunately, we can now see a close-up of the monster that will causing trouble for the webhead.

This time around, the goblin will apparently be Harry Osborn, played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle). In Spider-Man lore, the goblin is almost always Norman Osborn, Harry's father and Spider-Man's greatest enemy (for spoilery reasons).

But as you can see from the photo below, the goblin definitely looks likes Harry.

But I wouldn't be so quick to conclude that all is what it seems. I have a theory that Norman is still the goblin this time around, but he is actively trying to make it look like his son is. This is the storyline for The Spectacular Spider-Man, one of the animated series that debuted in 2009 and was criminally short-lived.

For two seasons, we were led to believe that Harry was the goblin thanks to careful planning by his father, who used the mask to thwart the criminal empire surrounding Oscorp that sought to use the sinister six villains to seize power over New York's gangland.

This plot-line works well for a lot of reasons, least of which is the factor tying all of the villains together: Oscorp. It gives Sony a reason to plaster these movies with villains without the narrative suffering (hopefully), and it gives us a thrilling plot twist in the third film, of which Norman Osborn's character (Chris Cooper) is rumored to play a much more significant role.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters (Aunt) May 2, 2014.


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