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A South Carolina woman spent an unexpected night behind bars thanks to her long lasting love affair with the 2005 romantic comedy Monster In Law.

Although I am sure many movie lovers agree that Kayla Michelle Finley deserved a night in the cells as penance for her diabolical taste, the woman in question was shocked by her heavy handed treatment at the hands of the authorities.

The 27-year-old rented the movie during the year of its release from Dalton Videos in Pickens County, which is now no longer trading. The Pickens County Sheriff's Office explained to WYFF that when Finley neglected to return her celluloid dreamboat, the business owner contacted a magistrate who dutifully issued an arrest warrant.

Kayla Michelle Finley the rental robber
Kayla Michelle Finley the rental robber

Although Finley was at the police station to report totally unrelated charges of harassment and stalking, her dusty old arrest warrant was dug out of the filing system. Despite the seemingly ridiculous nature of the charges, Finley was forced to spend a night in the slammer until her bond hearing the following morning. Ouch.

You have to feel for the poor woman, not only did she have to snooze on a narrow bunk of shame for the most trivial reason I have ever heard, she also had to have her terrible taste exposed to the nation.

If I was suddenly outed in the national media for my deep love of say, Showgirls (that was just a random example...honestly!) then I think I would have to spent at least a month in solitary confinement scrubbing my skin with bleach to remove the shame.

Thankfully, Finley is not such a delicate flower and she has emerged from her enclave of embarrassment to stand up for herself by saying;

Some of you need to quit juding (sic) like you are. This is a bogus charge and everyone knows it

Her heartfelt plea was not enough to halt the peals of laughter at her expense ringing across the twittersphere though!

The tweets are alive with the sound of laughter!
The tweets are alive with the sound of laughter!

I hope libraries don't hold similar records because the copy of 'The Subtle Knife' that I neglected to return in 1999 could be coming back to brutally stab me in the back...

Do you any of you guys reckon you have some outstanding arrest warrants for committing video rental robbery?

Tell me your wonderful fables of forgetfulness below!

(Source: USA Today via WYFF)

(Images: Fan Pop, USA Today via Twitter and Metro via Pickens County Sheriff's Department )


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