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On the eve of its release, we roundup the reviews of Paul W.S. Anderson's full throttle Roman action epic Pompeii. And as far as we can see, it's all about the spectacular visual effects and Kit Harrington's pecks.

With divisive Twitter comments erupting into two camps, Brian Orndof commented that "Not since Dante's Peak has there been a film that will have you rooting for the volcano to win"; however there is a unanimous vote in favor of the "cool 3D effects".

So should you go and see it?


"The Romans give you every reason to wish for their destruction in Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii, a campy, concept-driven disaster pic that mistakes the eruption of Vesuvius for the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah, where an entire city is deemed expendable on mostly moral grounds.

Taking a page from Titanic, the film invents a rich-girl/poor-boy romance, puts a powerful suitor in their way and then besets their star-crossed love story with CG lava showers, rendered all the more spectacular in stereoscopic 3D. In short, Pompeii is a blast, at least by guilty-pleasure standards, opening to massive worldwide potential in a relatively uncompetitive February frame," concludes Variety's Peter Debruge.


"When Mount Vesuvius actually explodes the film gets a jolt of energy that carries it, with the help of some impressive CG effects"

-The Wrap

"Alonso Duralde also compares Pompeii to Titanic and explains, "This is, after all, Titanic with lava instead of ice, a tale of two pretty young people from different castes who discover their perfect love just as their world is about to go to hell, and even those who hated James Cameron's hit romance will find themselves thinking more kindly of it after they watch Browning and Kit Harington moon over each other with one facial expression between them."

-The Washington Post

"Pompeii has a killer ending," Stephanie Merry explains. "Billowing clouds of ash swallow the ancient Roman town and fireballs rain down from above; whole city blocks slide into the sea and a tsunami tears through the streets, leveling everything in its path. When Mount Vesuvius erupts—feel free to direct spoiler complaints to Pliny the Younge—the movie is completely absorbing. You just have to sit through more than an hour of derivative plot and tired dialogue to get there."

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So whilst these reviews aren't exactly praising the film for its unique vision, one thing we can deduce is that Pompeii will be a visual spectacular; comprising of two very attractive star crossed lovers with an almighty story.

Source: E! News


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