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Its that time again. Another superhero movie announces its cast and the internet decides to split in two. I can't imagine the pressure on these actors when they're cast with all the die hard fans exploiting their angers on twitter, facebook, etc. Anyhow, I for one am very happy with these choices and I'll explain why soon. Firstly though, I would like to say it may be a bit soon to reboot this franchise but try saying that to Hollywood nowadays. Now, lets start with the cast.

Miles Teller - Mr Fantastic

For me this is a great choice. When I first saw him in teenage flicks such as 21 and Over or Project X, I didn't particularly like him in those films, but when he gave the heart-felt performance in The Spectacular Now, I couldn't help but become a fan. For those who haven't seen The Spectacular Now I can see your distaste to this picking but it really is a good choice. At the young age of 27 (only recently) I think he is a very good choice and one I overlooked in my previous Fantastic Four fancast. This choice is an 8.5/10 for me.

Kate Mara - Invisible Woman

What can I say about this one. Many people aren't gonna be happy with this choice saying things like: "Who's this chick" or "Where's Jessica Alba?". Well to those I say: House of Cards. Kate Mara has been a pivotal, strong actress in the Netflix original show that I absolutely adore, so its no surprise that I'm delighted with this choice. I'm sure all of you House of Cards fans will agree? 9.5/10

Michael B. Jordan - Human Torch

This casting was the least surprising off all seeing as he had been confirmed previously. It wasn't a majorly shared piece of news but it was known. I haven't seen Michael B. Jordan in many films but I was aware of his relationship with the Fantastic Four (reboot) director from working with him on Chronicle. I have no problems with him as the choice though I had some others I would've preferred (Aaron Paul, Chris Pine, etc.) But they could have picked worse! 7/10

Jamie Bell - The Thing

This is the casting I'm least bothered by. I'm not very sure on this actor. He starred in Tintin and Jumper and he very may well be a good choice but as of now I don't know enough about him. I maybe would have preferred the original recurring actor for The Thing to return but they're looking for a young change of direction. 6/10

Overall I'm really glad with the people they chose! More importantly, what do you guys think? I'd love to know! write in the comments on what you think and/or who you'd change!


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