ByAaron Luke Hammonds, writer at
Aaron Luke Hammonds

I looked at new still from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 of where Harry is on top of Spider-Man seeing as if he's going to kill him so I zoomed on Harry's hand and I thought it was a sword but there was no blade so I came up with an idea. We all know that Norman Osborn is dying. Ok the first movie Rajit Ratha was telling Curtis Connors that Norman Osborn is dying. Then he needed the formula that turned Connors into the lizard so my theory is Norman tells Harry he needs Peter's blood to perfect the formula so Harry's uses an untested version of the OzSerum and goes and tries to get Peter's blood but Peter refuses. This leads to a battle that ends at the Clock Tower and as we see in this pic maybe Harry stabs peter with the syringe and takes his blood then takes it back to his father. Tell me what you guys think!


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