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Nicolas Carmona

I have been really busy and even though I saw this episode Sunday night I just got around to writing my review

**Will Contain Spoilers**

In this episode we see the stories of everyone else that survived the attack on the prison and we see this in a very particular way, something that I really liked. We have four groups at hand, they all seem to be stumbling right behind the other so that makes us think they will get together possibly next episode or the one after, we also see their stories play right alongside each other, it sort of has a Game of Thrones feeling. We have Tyreese, Liz, and Mika; here we have the two big surprises of the episode, Judith is alive and Tyreese is doing as much as possible to take care of all three kids, and Carol is back. I am a bit conflicted even though I really hate what she did, she is still one of the characters we have grown to love from the first season and can't help to have some joy that she has returned. The problem here is that Tyreese doesn't know that Carol was the one that killed his girlfriend, but she saved him, I have a feeling this won't come out right away but he will find out eventually. Another thing to note here is that we see how Liz is turning darker and darker, not only killing and torturing bunnies but also having no self control and almost smothering Judith; if any of you have read the comics I think these two sisters resemble two brothers, one that takes a big turn for the dark side and I think this is their role in the series. We also learn about a sanctuary, called TERMINUS, a lot of people think this might be Alexandria but I doubt it they are still far away from Washington, this might be a pit stop before continuing and getting to possibly the most important setting of the Walking Dead to date.

Trailing right behind them are Daryl and Beth, they are both fighting the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to give up, but these two are very strong character that at the end of their little episode arc they continue following the tracks that they have seen. They will be the first ones to regroup. However, there is not much to say about the duo on this episode, except that they are very conflicted and still dealing with the impact of Hershel's death and the lost of the prison and also being alone without knowing if anyone else is alive.

I think behind them we have Maggie, Bob and Sasha; Maggie is set on finding Glenn and after Hershel's death this is what drives her. Filled with emotion she makes some questionable decisions, like attacking a school-bus filled with walkers, but hey she is a bad-ass and managed to kill the most on this one. At the end she sees that Glenn is not in the bus and that gives her some hope, she sort of cries and laughs at the end and I think this will play out in the next couple of episodes, not only for her but for the group. It seems that the main theme of this episode is the arc of going from hopelessness to finding a little ray of hope and this is very important in the Zombie apocalypse.

Lastly we find out what happened to Glenn, they give a weird explanation that he went back to find Maggie before the bus left, but I find it very inconsistent with what happened at the end of the last episode, not that matters much. Here he packs, gets on gear and heats out of the prison to find people, a prison that is infested with walkers and provides a really cool scene. Not only that, but he finds Tara, locked up with guild... and behind a cage, he gives her a little bit of hope he can help her but he also needs his help. This will play out very odd and might go for the bad once he reunites with the group, she is part of the people that ruined everything for them. At the end she saves Glenn from some walkers and then we see three mysterious characters.

Which brings me to my last and most exciting point of my review, Abraham is finally here!!! He is one of my favorite characters from the comic and I really hope they maintain his chemistry with Rick and everyone else, he is very unique and I just really hope they don't ruin him like they did with Andrea or give him a very premature death like Dale. The cool thing is that when we see them they look exactly like the cover of the volume where they are introduced and it is really great for comic book fans. Their introduction is different from the comics, like a lot of things, so it will be interesting how they will play out them joining to the group and eventually meeting everyone. I really liked this episode, we got answers to many questions from the mid-season finale and now we have a lot of things to look forward to. Next episode will be very interesting.


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