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The season finale of Atlantis, I am going to miss this show, hopefully it will return soon.

**Will Continue Spoilers**

5. Atlantis

I don't talk much about the wider universe, or characters of Atlantis, and this episode relied a lot on that. We not only saw our main characters running around but we also had time to explore other ones, even though they were minor they affected the story-line in a big way. Ramos, the capt. soldier, gave his life to protect Ariadne, we have seen from previous episodes where his allegiance lays in comparison to other soldiers, kind of sad he died I felt he could bring more to the show but at least he died honorably. Melas always having an eye on everything, his role was very fundamental here, curing the king; I am very glad the king didn't die I like him and he is very kind and gentle, all this is very important to save Ariadne and we begin seeing cracks on the relationship between the king and the queen. Finally Heptarian died! I have been waiting for this since the episode where he was betrothed to Ariadne, I really disliked him, unlike his aunt, he is a character that I just hate, never interesting enough to be one of those "love to hate" characters; so even though I feel his stay was too much, his end finally came. I wonder how next season they will expand this world, we already know there are other cities and it is curious to see if we might get a bigger plot arc expanding beyond Atlantis.

4. Oracle

Another thing I don't talk much about and belongs on the category above but she is so important that she deserves her own one. The Oracle is easily one of the most easily liked characters, mysterious, helpful and even more than that she seems to be like a mother figure to Jason; their chemistry is amazing and every scene that she is on she steals it. She has had a small yet big role, knowing Jason's past and having the power to see the future she becomes not only a fundamental character for Jason but for the whole story, I hope her role gets bigger once next season continues. There are many other things that surround her, we know very little about her and I think even though it's something appealing about her we need to know more about her; also I have a feeling that she doesn't know about Jason purely because of her powers, there is more than meets the eye and I am very excited to see what lays ahead.

3. Ariadne

For the first time we see her as a true damsel in distress...until the end. Which I like, Ariadne has been a very strong female in the show and for her to go through that small change over an episode to show us her most vulnerable but then we also see her stabbing bad guys. Anyway, throughout the episode I kept wondering what were they going to do with her? Bring her to her brother's? Hide with the guys? I had so many different ideas that even one included her staying with the nice leprosy people or hell going and raising a goat in the outskirts of Atlantis. But this was resolved with the king getting better and saving her; they haven't developed more the love story between her and Jason and even though I don't want to see them married now they should give a little more development there, specially now that we know (for sure, always thought it was) that Jason is of royal blood, even more than king Minos.

2. Hercules and Pythagoras

The episode wouldn't have been complete with two guys, it seemed like a very long episode, they sticked out for Jason and helped him like always. One of other things I liked more about here is that we actually saw development on Hercules, yes he was the comedic relief (loved the peeking at Ariadne's scene) but they also show that he has grown more and even showed his true bondship with the other two guys. Pythagoras, was a smaller role on this episode, but it cannot be understated the influence he has had on Jason and Hercules even in this episode he kind of hold them together and provides a different dynamic to the group. What will we see in the future? Not sure, we will face Medusa again (and possibly see her die), I'd like them to play with Pythagora's historical role in real life onto the show, they have great possibilities than just keeping him with "the triangle guy" so hopefully they will include some of these things for future episodes.

1. The Big Reveals

So this being a season finale we know something big is going to happen, we just don't know what, I thought we were going to find out Jason was the son of Poseidon or something like that. Well.... the reveal was different and unexpected, Jason is actually the son of Pasiphae , who is the queen, and just like her he is touched by the gods, not really sure what that means except that it's possibly not a pedophile version of Greek mythology and that he actually might have some powers. We've only have seen that he is really lucky, can make really cool flips and learned to fight like a professional gladiator from the very first day; but what I am more curious about is what will it entail for the future, will we see more of him showing powers, even if it's witchcraft. We learned this through his father, the person he was looking for at the beginning of the series and we knew very little of him; if I understood right he was the old king so this makes Jason royal blood (please correct me if I understood wrong) and it will play a big role in future seasons, especially once people find out. Makes me wonder how Hercules and Pythagoras will react.

This was an amazing series, very interesting and different from what we are used to seeing, at least for me. I am very excited for next season!

PS: I am considering making a costume of Jason, I have the same type of hair and I find him a really cool character.


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