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Hello all, I just wanted to give my 2 cents with what D.C./W.B is putting together for our viewing pleasure. I have been reading a lot of posts on this site and some of them are great, while others have been very negative. The main question that is on everyone's mind is " Is DC moving too fast with their cinematic universe?" My opinionated answer is NO! I know I may get a lot of heat for this, but it must be said or touched on where others haven't.

Many of you have said that DC needs to follow the Marvel blueprint with their superheroes, by which, all or a majority of the characters needs their own solo film. I have noticed something that no one has touched on that may be feasible and may be what DC/WB may do "Super-Buddy" films. Now, just hear me out and then make your decision on if I am talking out my %#$.....

What DC may be doing is putting their Big Guns or the DC Holy Trinity on screen first. Now is the time for them to strike at Marvel. Marvel has been the leader for at least 10 yrs with making comic book films. They've done a great job at doing what "they" do. But if DC wants their franchise to be seriously looked at a contender to Marvel, then they have to make moves that makes you take a second look. How do you do that, well, you do the opposite of what your competitor is or have done. This is my scenario of what they MAY or could do:

2016- Man of Steel 2: Fight or Flight with Wonder Woman as a guest star, like what Marvel did with Black Widow.

2017- Justice League-(To be Named): They introduce Flash (either Barry Allen or Wally West), Green Lantern(either a new Hal Jordan or John Stewart), Aquaman, Cyborg. With cameos with Nightwing and

2018- Wonder Woman

2018- Batman and Robin(Tim Drake); film, with cameo with Superman and Nightwing and Green Arrow

2019- Green Lantern/Flash-(To be announced): with cameos with Aquaman and Cyborg and maybe either Hawkman or Hawkgirl.

2020- Justice League Dark(if it ever gets made):

2022- Justice League 2: Cameos with Supergirl and Knightwing.

Plus, we really haven't touched on the Teen Titans or Young Justice (which would be bad ass)

Now I know that this may be far-fetched, but it is possible! Let know what you all think and what I missed.


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