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Red Hood


Great physical condition : Like his former mentor, in combat has proven that it is physically superior to Olympic athletes .

His strength, reflexes and endurance are roughly comparable to that of Dick Grayson.

Martial Arts Master : Jason Todd is a highly skilled fighter trained by Batman and expanded their skills, coaches of the same caliber.

Although Robin was always the more fighter , after his resurrection , he won more training and proved himself to be far more skillful than before.

Expert Acrobat : In his training as Robin had taught acrobatics and gymnastics routines .

Detective Skills : Being trained by Batman in the art of the detective is one of the best detectives along with the Batfamily .

High-level resistance : Jason Todd possesses the strength 130 Kg per hit.

Armament: Jason through Thalia Al Ghul , get a variety of weapons and gadgets, ranging from civil to military -level weapons , equipment and advanced computing. Among his favorite weapon is the dagger -like knives Ra 's al Ghul .

Roy Harper


He is a marksman of incredible accuracy.

He is extremely adept at the use of the bow and arrow, as well as a wide array of weaponry.

He also has the ability to take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon.

Harper is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and he possesses keen analytical and detective skills.

In the Pre-Flashpoint universe he has been known to speak Japanese and understand Russian.

Before Flashpoint, after the loss of his right arm, Roy Harper received an advanced prosthetic, built by Vic Stone, designed to loop around his damaged nerve endings and restore his usual degree of hand-to-eye coordination, albeit with the price of a constant phantom limb pain.

Occassionally uses trick arrows.

Personal opinion.

I think Red Hood would win, because like red arrow hes is a very good marksman due to the fact that he was trained by Batman making him very deadly.

Leave your opinion on who would win and why. Who would you like to have in the next hero battle?


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