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According to HollywoodReporter, Marvel is now in talks with a handful of filmmakers wanting to hit it off big with the blockbuster studio for its practically confirmed upcoming film Doctor Strange. The report claims the following directors have met with the studio, or have plans soon to meet with studio about comprising the role.

The four potential directors
The four potential directors

The directors who are under current consideration are (from left to right) Mark Andrews, Nikolaj Arcel, Dean Israelite (there are absolutely no pictures of Israelite so lets pretend he looks like his associate worker Michael Bay), and Jonathan Levine. Mark Andrews is best known by his recent work co-writing and co-directing Pixar's Brave, Nikolaj with an Oscar-Nominated foreign film A Royal Affair, Israelite's contribution to upcoming sci-fi film Welcome to Yesterday, and Levine's hilarious comedy Warm Bodies.

This news comes following last month's rumors of Johnny Depp in talks with Marvel, which Depp's manager took to denying. However, even Ant-Man's Paul Rudd denied all claims to being associated to Ant-Man before Marvel announced the news themselves, so for now Depp will remain a rumor until otherwise noted.

The writers Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger are the only two writers for the screenplay that are reportedly on the table, both of them most known for their combined efforts of the Kung Fu Panda movies. The news is unclear whether they are to work together or are up against each other like the directors.

Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with the films A Royal Affair and Welcome to Yesterday, however the rest of the films I am. I think the rest of the movies are united in the fact that the humor is good clean family humor that really adds another layer to the plot. None of these choices sound like that bad choices and I completely support Marvel in whichever decision they make.

The report also says that Marvel is still searching on a way to incorporate in Doctor Strange's costume and the Eye of Agamotto into his story which is the first confirmation that we'll definitely be seeing it again after it appeared in Odin's Vault in Asgard. How will it get out of Odin's Vault and into the hands of Strange? The answer might lie from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige when talking about Guardians of the Galaxy:

Ninety-nine percent of the film takes place on the other side of the universe with all new characters and all new worlds, although through certain connective tissue — such as Thanos in Avengers, and some surprise appearances.

Could we see a possible break-in of the vault during this "1%" of the movie? Considering Thanos still has to break into the vault to get the Tesseract for his Infinity Gauntlet storyline, the possibility can't be completely out-ruled. It's good to hear progress on Doctor Strange!


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