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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

Well folks my names Cyler Horsley and I am a new and proud contributor for the site you all know and love. I personally can't wait to hopefully start provoking some more interest in the various hearts of whom this article reaches. We have the rumor-mills, the Hot super hero movie topics and what to expects but NOW!!!; Lets take a swing on the great debate side of what I hope to be a successful new edition to the great editors you know and love.

Quite simply the name of the game is Debate and Controversy (they start in caps my goodness). I ask the very knowledgeable and crafty fans of MoviePilot to lend me your fingers... on a keyboard of course. I don't know how many posts I will make a week and I have no set schedule so always be on the look out for this and what is to be many more to come. Polls and questions will be suggested and please do not stop there please comment, argue, and if you must troll you way into this forum so we can have your heartfelt opinions and comments about the chosen topic at hand.

This weeks Throwdown is:


Many have been fascinated on the possibility of this, today's topic, a fan favorite theme to be immortalized into film. But what would we expect? Team death matches or team love? What are your ideas for Team up or cross universe play of these two monster franchises? will it ever happen? and who would be the top match-ups pr face-offs you would want to see? Here are some suggestions for more debate and pondering. Lend me your fingers!!!:


Who Wins?


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