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Let's get the formalities out of the way first: This article contains Walking Dead spoilers, some rampant speculation and scenes of mild peril. Proceed with caution from here on in.

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was dominated by the three talking points: the return of Carol; Glenn's mission to find Maggie; and the arrival of the three newbies Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

While these were undoubtedly huge events, there was something else that happened during "Inmates" that I think is going to have even greater repercussions for the group.

It involves Lizzie and her psychotic tendencies which could spell trouble for the life expectancy of some of the people around her.

While camping for the night alongside Tyreese and her sister, Mika, we spot a family of cute rabbits hanging out nearby. They don'y remain cute for very long as Lizzie enters the frame brandishing a knife. Despite the camera cutting away, it's clear that the troubled girl has done some pretty sadistic things to the little fur balls.

Cast your mind back to earlier in the season at the prison before the viral s--t really hit the fan, it was discovered that someone had tortured, eviscerated and then pinned a couple of rats to a wall. That person was Lizzie.

I think I smell a rat
I think I smell a rat

This brings us back to another unsavoury incident: the mercy killing of Karen and David.

Carol took the blame for the murder and subsequent cremation of the bodies and was sent into exile by Rick. But this version of events has never sat well with me. Carol has no history of being so unmerciless. Yes, she killed Lizzie and Mika's father, Ryan, but he'd been bitten by a walker so couldn't be saved. The same couldn't be said for Karen and David. They were sick, but not so far gone they couldn't have pulled through. It would be out of character for Carol to be so brutal, which is why I think she didn't do it. Lizzie was responsible for killing them and Carol dragged their bodies outside and burnt them to cover it up.

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If you are still in doubt, I present you with exhibit B: Lizzie and the case of the squealing baby. With Tyreese away on a rescue mission, Lizzie was literally left holding the baby. Lil' Ass-kicker was doing her best impression of a dinner gong and inviting all the walkers in the area to an all-you-can-eat baby buffet with her non-stop crying. Lizzie's response was to put her hand over Judith's mouth and try and muffle the screams. Except that Lizzie's grip on Judith's mouth was a little too tight and the look in her eyes a little too manic. Make no mistake, Lizzie would have killed the baby if Carol had not stepped in. She has no concept of life and death or right or wrong. She even named a walker at the prison and spoke to it - behaviour that should never be encouraged.

This brings me to a bloody conclusion: Lizzie will kill again and I think I know who it will be.

Now this next part is entering super spoiler territory and the speculation will get even more rampant. I'm also going to briefly mention a storyline from the comics. You've been warned.

So here's what I think is going to happen: Lizzie is going to murder her sister.

I think Lizzie is based on a character called Ben in the comics. Both have issues with dead parents and both enjoy the torture and mutilation of animals.

In the comic Ben killed his twin brother Billy because he knew he'd 'come back' and I think Lizzie is capable of doing the same. Child-on-child murder is not something you typically see on a TV show. It would be an incredibly brave storyline for The Walking Dead to take on but I think the show is mature and intelligent enough to handle it. Whether us fans can cope with a bout of sororicide is a different story.

Do you think Lizzie is capable of killing her own sister? Do you think that's even something that should be shown on TV? You know the drill by now: hit me up in the comments below or over on Twitter.

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Do you think Lizzie killed Karen and David?


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