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The course of true love never did run smooth, even in relationships that are clearly based on a profound understanding between two souls that transcends the allure of fame and fortune. Life's a bitch.

Charlie Sheen was all set to win down the aisle with wife number four after putting a ring on it in Hawaii last weekend, but it seems like there are some jagged rocks in the path to wedded bliss.

Guests at the pairs wedding would have every right to seize the dramatic potential of standing up in church and speaking instead of forever holding their peace because Brett Rossi is already married. Escándalo!

Radar Online has revealed that the 24-year-old adult movie actress is still married to her ex-husband Jonathan Ross, who filed for divorce from Brett on July 18, 2013. Despite Rossi's relationship with the Anger Management star, she did not respond to the divorce papers until the January the 30th 2014.

Those who are teetering on the edge of their seats waiting for the tasteful wedding pictures in OK Magazine can breathe a sigh of relief though.

Ah, sweet memories!
Ah, sweet memories!

An insider source explained that Rossi's still-married status is unlikely to thwart her nuptials with Sheen. They told Radar Online that;

The divorce between Brett and Jonathan is going to be finalized in the next few months, if not sooner. There isn't anything that is being contested.


So guys, heres the big question. How long do you think Sheen's fourth foray into wedded bliss will last? I reckon Rossi can only handle two years of tiger blood at best despite the allure of the platinum card.

Sheen is rapidly becoming a modern day Henry The Eighth sort of figure. Maybe one day kids will be laboriously learning the mnemonic 'accidently shot, divorced, divorced citing insanity, restraining order, failed Ménage à trois' about this great leader of our times!

What are your thoughts on this pairs relationship?

(Source: Perez Hilton via Radar Online)

(Images: Just Jared via OK Magazine and Examiner via AOL)


Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi's marriage will last...


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