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I haven't seen I Spit on Your Grave, and I will never see I Spit on Your Grave. Reading about the film is enough to completely turn my stomach.

The horror film, first released in 1978, is about brutal gang rape and murder, and at the time of its release, well-known film critic Gene Siskel called it “easily the most offensive film” he had ever seen.

It follows Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton), a writer from New York, who is brutally assaulted, raped and left for dead, by four local men, who become acquainted with her once she arrives in town to work on her first novel in a secluded cabin. After her attack, she avenges her assailants in a heinous scheme of entrapment.

The film was so controversial at the time of its release that many nations, such as Ireland, Norway, Iceland, and West Germany, banned the film entirely, claiming that it "glorified violence against women". The debate raged on, and the movie was pulled from theaters in the United States, and according to Bloody Disgusting, was branded a “video nasty” in the United Kingdom and placed on the Director of Public Prosecutions’ list of prosecutable films.

Camille Keaton
Camille Keaton

Some feminists, and the film's director Mier Zarchi argued that the film should be regarded in itself as a reaction to violence against women. After all, the director was inspired to make the film after encountering a rape victim himself. Yet many of the films detractors say that the rape scenes are gratuitously lengthy and unnecessary. To those of you who have seen the film, what would you say?

In any case, 36 years after the making of the controversial, the director Zarchi and actress Camille Keaton will appear in an upcoming documentary, which is now in production, in an attempt to explain the reasoning behind the film.

Perhaps the doc will reveal some much needed insight into one of the most horrific horrors ever made.

“This is perhaps the most misunderstood film of all time and Camille Keaton’s involvement will shed some light on the many questions still surrounding the film."

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Do you care what the director has to say about the movie?

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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