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The end of the mid-season premiere saw Michonne reunite with Rick and Carl - and on the basis of these pictures it is a good thing she did.

They don't reveal all that much, but two new photos that have come out from this coming Sunday's episode show Carl and Michonne, each looking pretty downcast. Rick has been on the ropes for some time now - but could this suggest that he is further gone than they thought? Do you think he has become enough of a liability for them to consider even leaving him behind?

Take a look at the moody pictures here:


Gale Anne Hurd, an executive producer on the show, has spoken about Carl and Rick's relationship, and how hardened Carl has become:

This is a child who's had to shoot his mother who was going to turn into a walker, and had to shoot Shane, who was like a surrogate father to him. Any relationship between a father and a son, especially a son going through puberty and becoming a teenager, is going to be fraught with difficulty. And that's amplified by the fact that they're now separated from the rest of the group, and Rick still isn't in good shape.

So what do you think the next episode will have in store? Which mini-group do you most want to catch up with? Write in below with all your own thoughts, questions and speculations.

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Do you think Michonne and Carl could survive without Rick?


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