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January Jones has spotted something fishy about the Fifty Shades Of Grey poster and she just can't hide her displeasure!

The actress took to instagram to highlight some striking similarities between the Fifty Shades Of Grey poster and a promotional image that was released for Mad Men way back in 2010.

The post was captioned with the comment 'Does this look familiar to anybody else? .

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

In case anyone needs reminding, this is the Mad Men poster that Jones is referring to.

Spot the difference!
Spot the difference!

It is not surprising to me that Fifty Shades Of Grey has borrowed from the Mad Men visuals. Not only is the show considered on of the most well styled on television, it is also centred around bastards in suits that have no idea how to treat women, just like Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Although you can't really patent 'bloke in a suit facing away from the camera' as a creative idea, do you guys think that Fifty Shades of Grey has some explaining to do?

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