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In all the hulabaloo about the casting for the Fantastic Four reboot, one thing has been forgotten; the story or, better yet, the protagonist of the movie. I mean, once you get past the cast that looks like it's jumped out of the CW. Once you get past black johnny storm (I'm done talking about it). Once you flush all the stupid rumors and get to the meat of the movie (like forget the female Dr. Doom crap). Once you actually start listening to what's being said about this film, you realize that we've been told several times who the villain of the reboot would be: Annihilus, master of the Negative Zone.

I've said many times over the years (although no one was listening) that if you do an FF movie without Doom, it should be about the Negative Zone. This mysterious zone between planes of reality is one of Reed Richards crowning discoveries and his most dangerous one next to Galactus. He found, not just another villain, but another universe FULL of villains! But the King of all those baddies is one massive, death loving nihilist named Annihilus.

Now, if you've been reading me, you know I'm old school. But, if we're to prepare ourselves for the Fantastic Four reboot properly, we have to read up on Marvel's ULTIMATE universe. Or, at least, I have to read up. Because, early on, I made a concerted effort to ignore the universe totally; seeing it as just another alternate rewrite. I'm sorry, I have a personal problem with comic book writers/publishers who can't just work off established canon and create something new, but insist on just rehashing the same old stories but cooling them up for the current age. I mean, why not just cool up the main universe for the current age and build on what has been done. But, I digress.

Why the Ultimate universe, you ask? Well, I made a concerted effort to read the wiki write-up on the Ultimate FF and it's piece by piece the ideas they are spouting on the news feeds. No spaceship ride. No gamma radiation. Younger set of heroes. It all begins to make sense. Because the Ultimate FF gained their powers through an accident surrounding Reed Richard's experiments with the NEGATIVE ZONE or N-Zone as the Ultimate writers called it. This sets up a new origin and the entrance of one of my favorite FF Villains of all time, Annihilus!

This, in my humble but old school opinion, can be the saving grace for this Reboot. If done right (start praying true believers), Annihilus can become one of the greatest villains to grace the big screen. That gives Fox a chance and us some hope, brothers and sisters. But the track record so far leaves me hoping this reboot doesn't end up being crap.

get it? lol
get it? lol

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