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Gianfranco Gipponi Pessoa

Yes, you read correctly…and it is Disney Princess Style to be specific.

As the 4th season approaches, we have started to spot some fan movement around the popular HBO show. Today I have found something that I think is worth spreading, especially if you are a fan of this series but deep inside you also love Disney animation (honestly, who doesn’t??).

DjeDjehuti – Sam Tsui is the name of the artist, he is American and he has a DeviantArt page showing some excellent work, but he clearly highlights his last work inspired in the Game of Thrones mixed with Disney Princess. Although we can see the beloved Disney Characters take a much darker and unusual role, I do have to say that I ultimately feel for them… they are just great.

If you want to see the complete collection, here is the link:

Source: djedjehuti's DeviantArt page


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