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Nathaniel Perrier Sharer

Well, I'm sure you've all seen the shiny new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel. If you haven't, here it is below:

Well, I have to say, I'm surprised. When I first heard the announcement that GotG would be part of Marvel's phase 2, I was confused. I'd read the comics, and I never thought that Marvel would try to make a movie out of them. I started liking the idea more and more as the cast list grew to include some great people, but I was still slightly skeptical.

No more.

Guardians of the Galaxy looks awesome. Most notable is how slick the trailer is. Gamora, Nebula, Rocket, Groot, none look out of place mixed in with the human cast. I'm slightly disappointed in Drax's design, but that's it.The tone of the trailer is great, very light-hearted and exciting, with some serious undertones, Banter and humor in abundance. GotG has gone from 'filler between Winter Soldier and Avengers 2' to 'can't wait for it' status.

The Rap Sheets

While the guardians are lined up for incarceration by the Nova Corps, some fun info can be grabbed from their rap sheets. Most notable is Rocket, who has more than doubled the number of felonies any of the other guardians have, with 13 counts of theft, 14 counts of escaping incarceration, 15 counts of arson, and 7 counts of mercenary activity, as well as vehicular theft and 'a tendency to bite'. Even Drax only has 22 counts of murder to his name.

Take it down a notch Bradley Cooper, you're making the others look like amateurs.

Also referenced on Rocket's sheet is his relationship with Lylla, Rocket's sentient otter soulmate. It's unlikely she'll show up in the movie, but it's nice to see she at least exists. Maybe if there's a sequel she'll make an appearance.

Starlord has some interesting parts on his sheet. Most notable is his listed relationship with Yondu Udonta, who's being portrayed by Michael Rooker, absent from the trailer. Additionally, he's being indicted on one count of sex crime, for 'illegal manipulation of a Gramosian duchess'.

Notably absent from the trailer is any discussion of the villains of the piece. We see Djimon Honsou's Korath the Pursuer in the beginning, and a couple shots of Karen Gillan's Nebula, with a suggestion that she and Gamora will be at odds. We only get a split-second shot of the main villain, Lee Pace's Ronan the Accuser, lifting the enormous Drax into the air with one hand. Of course there's no reference to Thanos, which isn't surprising. ronan

Also absent are Rocket's and Groot's voices, although we've since heard a brief clip of Rocket.

We have a mysterious orb of unknown purpose. Could it be one of the infinity gems? Merely filler? Or is it something as-of-yet unknown to us?

We have an oh-so-enticing clip of Rocket and Groot working together on what seems to be yet another prison break to add to Rocket's count.


We have The Collector looking snazzy as ever.

And, of course, spaceships and action and explosions and galore.


Guardians of the Galaxy lands in theaters August 2014. Are you excited yet?


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