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No worries folks, Elsa and Anna aren't going away to their happily ever-after anytime soon. Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed "Frozen" will be heading to Broadway, but the time in which this (hopeful) masterpiece will hit the stage is yet to be determined. In Iger's interview with Fortune, he states:

"We're not demanding speed," he says. "We're demanding excellence."

So, don't be too disappointed if by December you still haven't heard any news about the upcoming musical. Also, during Iger's interview, he throws subtle shade at the idea of a sequel to the blockbuster hit. Which is actually quite possible, with the success of the movie, Iger claims "Frozen" has "restored Disney's mojo".

With the box office total worldwide over a billion smackaroos, it's highly likely that we will see more of the Queen and Princess of Arendelle. But don't get your hopes too high. The only Disney movies with sequels that actually made it to the sliver screen were "Tarzan", "The Jungle Book", and "The Rescuers", which weren't very successful. But Iger disagrees;

"This has real franchise potential. We expect to see not just new product but continued interest in this and continued impact on the bottom line for quite awhile. Its success speaks volumes on the future of animation at our company."

Whether the next time we see these two Disney beauties on the big screen for a second time, at a Disney theme park, or center stage in New York, there is no doubt that they'll be bringing along another big thrill for there vast amount of fans worldwide.


Would you want there to be a "Frozen 2"?


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