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Fermin Alexander Lora

The Amazing Spider Man 2 just looks like its going to be a crazy good movie. Action packed , the chemistry between Peter and Gwen: Electro! , The Green Goblin! , all of those easter eggs shown in the trailers just amp me up more and more. I think Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spiderman, I feel he makes the movie better. Emma is also great , the whole cast matter of fact. and adding such a excellent actor such a Jamie Fox makes the movie just a bit more sweeter. I wanna see the conflict between Peter and Oscorp. How Harry turns to The Goblin. Plus its a SpiderMan movie who doesnt like that.

XMen DOFP intrigues me. First of ..Sooo many Mutants , Wolverine, Both Professor Xs and the young/old magneto just to name a few. Also Mutants we haven't seen on the big screen yet, are going to be in this spectacular. Plus , the bad guys, Trask industries and the mutant killing Sentinels! The whole synopsis of this movie just fascinates me. Also a good director in which my opinion the Xmen franchise really lacked *Cough Cough X3, Wolverine origins* . But I can get over the fact two of the main X Men arent in this movie , Cyclops and Jean Grey. Still this movie also looks too good. Cant forget It leads into the classic Apocalypses saga , just makes me look foward to this movie so much more.

Next up, Captain America 2. To be honest I think this is the one im most looking forward too. The story line behind this movie is just awesome I cant wait to see it on the big screen. This movie takes place after the events of New York , it finds the Cap working with shield and other heros such as The Black Widow and Falcon. andd duh Cap vs The Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier looks soo freaking bad ass. Ofcourse this is a Marvel Studios movie , and lets face it these people dont release hit and miss movies. The word has this movie has Captain America changing in some sort of way , we get to know more of black widows history , plus the chemistry between those two. And probally the most exciting catch this movie has is that Captain America The Winter Soldier leads into Avengers Age of Ultron, nuff said.

Last but def not least Guardians of The Galaxy. I thought this would be the superhero movie I was least looking forward too this summer , but after watching that Trailer I think alot of people including myself changed their mind. Im familiar with the Guardians comics and their cool. The story arcs are just fun , plus their tied in with such characters like The Nova Corps , Iron Man, Thanos etc. They are like the Space Avengers who doesn't like that. Groot and Rocket Raccoon had people worried about how they would be portrayed and I must say judging of the trailer , people have nothing to fear they look great, total badasses. And Of course a absolutely great cast.


X-Men: Days of Futures Past

X Men Days of Futures Past
X Men Days of Futures Past

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

Captain America 2: The Winter Solider
Captain America 2: The Winter Solider

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of The Galaxy
Guardians of The Galaxy




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