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The recent events and interviews surrounding X-Men: Days of Future Past have made me wonder just how long Jackman is going to be Wolverine. Personally, I think he was made for this role, even with the height difference, and there are still three more stories that I want to see him portray Weapon X in.

  • The Apocalypse story-line

For those of you who follow the comics and/or the various TV shows, video games, etc., you know who Apocalypse is. He was the very first mutant and, by far, the strongest. One day soon, he will come back to life and will try to dominate the world, and the X-Men are the only things in his way. Bryan Singer has already hinted at an X-Men: Apocalypse story-line being in the works as a film, so I'm not worried that they won't include Jackman in it.

  • An Avengers film

Wolverine has been an Avenger since 2005! With the introduction of new characters like Ant-Man (even with the poorly changed origins that I hate Marvel for) and a possible Black Panther film, Marvel is obviously increasing the ranks of the Avengers. Now the only obstacle is getting Fox to let them include Wolverine in one. *Hint for Sony and the use of Spider-Man*

  • Wolverine Goes to Hell

This is a lesser known story-line unless you're a comic book nerd, but it's one of my favorites including Wolverine. Basically a group of people that hate Wolverine conjure a spell and send him straight to Hell. Now he must find a way out, before the demons possess him forever and force him to kill innocent people. The main obstacle in achieving this in feature film status would be that they'd have quite a bit of characters to introduce, and they'd have to reboot Ghost Rider. I know it probably won't happen, but I'd really like to see it.

Comment your thoughts, opinions, and possible story ideas you'd like to see Jackman's Wolverine in.


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