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As a teen there are movies that just kind of define the generation. Twilight, Percy Jackson, The Bling Ring, etc. are now the movies of the current teen generation. I now, in my later twenties, look back to the ones that defined my own. The Craft, with its magic that made you want to be a natural born witch, the original Bring it On with its pep and comedy, and of course, the very twisted crime comedy Jawbreaker. Well, my generation, it’s not over. Jawbreakers is hitting Broadway, revamped and hopefully every bit as sinful as the original.

In the nineties, Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, and Judy Greer were the stars of the movie about the most popular girls in school accidentally killing their best friend and the cover-up of the crime that followed. The movie, though cheesy, had a plot that almost seemed to capture the magic of the popular girls’ stereotype, showing the allure and danger of being part of it. It was a highly exaggerated but eerily accurate portrayal of the personalities that forever run every high school, and had a shocking plot to keep it interesting. So Broadway thought it was a great story too.

Readings for Jawbreaker the musical have begun, and casting looks promising. Diana Degarmo takes a lead as Fern Mayo, the nerd turned popular girl, Elizabeth Gilles as Courtney, the queen of the pretty faced popular girls, Joanna "Jojo" Levesque as Julie the protagonist lead, and a few other semi-known starlets will lead this cast. I am impressed with the choices to take on the cult favorite. Jojo, best known for her amazing singing and young teen billboard number one songs will be a great representation of the good girl caught in a bad situation. We all know Diana Degarmo formerly of American Idol can hold a note as well. My favorite casting, though, is Elizabeth Gilles.

I have a six year old son who makes me watch Nickelodeon relentlessly. The show Victorious was the silver lining of the network for a while, and it had some extreme up and coming stars on it. It launched the careers of Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, and Arianna Grande. Now the Victorious bad girl “Jade” (who made Nickelodeon tolerable single handedly) is having her moment as Elizabeth Gilles is getting some attention. She can really sing, play a bitch quite well, and is hilarious. And yes, she is absolutely gorgeous so she will fit the image of evil perfection well.

I am excited Jawbreaker is back. I hate the cliché high school comedies of today; Jawbreaker had a plot of its own and held its own in a world of stereotypes. Let’s see what this musical will do with its stint in the bright lights as it is slated to have a possible release in the fall this year.

PS…Let us all watch the launch of the soon to be superstar that will become Elizabeth Gilles!


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