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Nick Steinle

We still have a short time to wait before The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in theaters. Then Phase 3 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe starts rolling along, and we're all going to have fun with that for a good long time. And I haven't really heard anyone ask this question before, and personally I didn't think about until a few weeks ago, but.... what's going to happen to the superhero genre of movies after Avengers 3 and however many Justice League movies DC decides to do?

Granted, like I said before, we still have a long way to go before either of those movies, but time goes by fast. I don't know if any more Avengers movies are planned after the third one if any, but it can't go on forever, right? There has to be an ending to it sometime in the future, to both The Avengers and Justice League movie series. So what happens after that? All the heroes (or at least all the heroes that are known by mainstream audiences; God knows what other Marvel characters are going to pop up before Avengers 3) that we know and love are going to already be portrayed, and when the portrayals of the characters, especially in Marvel's case, are as good as they are, why would you need to remake Iron Man or Captain America or Thor or any of them for that matter?

Now, I get that a couple heroes will be recreated for a new generation of special effects, kind of like horror movies like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But there will still never be something like The Avengers franchise ever again. The remakes of Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre have sequels, but don't remake each individual original movie. I don't think there's ever going to be a remake of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch in the future, So I don't think there will be chronological remakes in the order of which they came out from 2008 to 2012.

But the remakes of all the superheroes could be decades and decades ahead. Who knows how well the special effects of this generation will hold up and for how long? To me, it doesn't seem like they could get much better, but who knows? That's probably what some people thought back in the 50s and 60s. Now, I get that this generation can't wait to show The Avengers series to their kids and grandkids, but like kids do, they'll get restless. They'll complain about the bad quality of the movies, because if kids do that now, and they do, I don't think they'll get MORE appreciative in the future. Then again, I could be wrong; I hope I am.

But I digress. After Marvel and DC finish their big series of movies, will there just be a super long dry spout of superhero movies? The minority of people would probably want to see new and fresh portrayals of the characters, but for people like me, if the future Marvel movies are as good they have been so far, that will be enough for me for a GOOD LONG time.

But like I said before, that's a really REALLY long time away, but it's not like it's not going to happen. So do what I do; enjoy the living crap out of it while you can. I can't claim to know what's going to happen after Marvel and DC finish their series of movies, but I can't exactly say my theory is wrong either. And in a sense, I hope my theory is right. These movies deserve to be watched generations and generations after they come out. The performances deserve to be inspiration for new actors, and the well-done execution and everything about it deserves to be a legend and stay a legend.


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