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I love all comics, although I do prefer DC. Superman is my favorite superhero without a doubt.
Danny McMaster

I'm a huge comic book fan. Ever since I was a kid I read comics and idolized heroes. Especially Superman. I loved how he was this super powered alien that came to Earth because his planet died. I always figured that he couldn't hold all that power as an ordinary man. In Man Of Steel, which is my favorite movie to date, he was more ordinary. In the comics even as Clark Kent he was…super. In Man Of Steel it just made him a regular guy. I loved the way Man Of Steel ended. It's time to see new things. I've been thinking Superman should kill Lex Luthor since I was around 10 years old.

In the upcoming Batman vs Superman which I'm looking forward to, I hope to see Batman as kind of regular too. I mean honestly what human could punch a man through a brick wall? I just hope they don't over power him. I know some people might say that Superman is overpowered but think, he faces people like Darkseid and wins. He then faces Batman a normal human and loses. I'm not a hater of Batman. He's cool and he makes a great video game. It's just when he punches Superman like that his hand should break. Sure Batman's a genius, but Superman isn't human. His race was quite literally perfect. Intellectually they were much more advanced than humans. So given Superman could punch inter dimensional walls, kill Doomsday and then beat Zod multiple times? If this was real world Batman honestly wouldn't stand a chance.

The whole Kryptonite thing is ridiculous too. It's supposed to be rare when basically everyone and their mother has a sliver. Sure it's a good weakness but not when it just pops out of nowhere. I can see Batman finding some but it should not be so abundant as the comics and the (good until 5th season show) Smallville.

I know some may disagree but this is my first piece of writing read by the public so feedback is encouraged. And note this is my opinion, I don't ask of anyone to agree I just want people to read what I think about the upcoming movie.


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